fixed media/stereo

(2022) 37.25′

breathers follows up on my previous E-Vironments projects, which were focused on exploring imaginary ecosystems, re/defining the contexts and behavioral patterns between individual components embodied in these environments and investigating their certain inner fragilities.

the composition is mainly based on visceral, bodily sounds, juxtaposing and intertwining them with references to current ecological and social topics, evoking a sense of ambiguity raising more complex personal questions

the sound material of breathers draws mainly from recordings of the human voice and body sounds. these sounds are gradually processed (mostly by granular transformations) based on their timbre characteristics in order to create organic structures and layers within new sound contexts. gradual transformation and combination of individual elements develops and creates new sound ecosystems where listeners can explore the narratives of individual parts of the composition.

breathers was originally created as a single composition in eight parts, corresponding to the different tracks of this release. nevertheless, the piece is intended as a whole.

for a better experience, please use headphones

originally commissioned by Radiocustica PremEdice, Czech Radio Vltava, Prague, CZ (premiered Feb 23, 2022)

composed, recorded and mixed by darina žurková at iii Sound Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands between May 2021 and February 2022

draft raw notes documenting the composition process:

1. Interference I – Exploring Terrestrial Lungs, 11:56
– reference to the Amazon Rainforest Fires – the world’s largest rainforest, also called “lungs of the Earth” / lungs as an organ, breath, … / interference

2. habitAt_IR, 03:04
– reference to the information retrieval (IR) systems about the Air quality (e.g. Aerometric Information Retrieval System) / slowly emerging data, creating connections…

3. Garden of Mouths, 03:20
– reference to the human population growth and its impact on the environment, food crisis / transforming the sounds of mouths into an analogy/divergence of the “Garden of Eden”…

4. Throat Drought, 02:59
– reference to the droughts as a result of global warming / dry throat…

5. Listen to the Gentle Alien, 03:42
– sound material – core – 2 distinct heartbeats within a single body (stethoscope mic)
– reference to the contrast between the deeply intimate act of bringing new life into an overpopulated Earth within the context of our current environmental crisis, akin to an alien versus a cherished newborn…

6. Lullaby for a New Breather, 03:59
– reference to the role of a “new breather” within the contemporary environmental context / mixed feelings lullaby…

7. Interference II – Observing the Surface, 04:19
– refers to the search for solutions – observing emerging possibilities to address the current climate trajectory / “sound sci-fi adaptation” of observing the new surface / interference

8. Lullaby for a Toxic habitAt_IR, 04:00
– reference to the Lullaby for a New Breather and habitAt_IR within the contemporary climate crisis narrative…