photos of the locations where the installation was placed (by darina žurková)

photos of the locations where the installation was placed (photos by darina žurková)

installation-travel feed / ‘site-non-specific’

2018 – ongoing

@detachedplaces refer to different locations that are abandoned, forgotten, attractive, lost, popular, touristy, frequented, visited, avoided – simply – fall into all categories of various types of travel.

the installation focuses primarily on the idea of reduced and compressed documentation of travel (travel feeds), which – mainly due to social media – transforms into a jumble of advertising spots at various locations on the planet that are extracted from the context of their existence in a natural environment and presented as an empty collection of achieved travel goals.





the project is presented as an instagram travel feed in a concrete – tangible ‘offline’ form (from the original @roamingsparrows online instagram travel feed), located in various unspecified places such as street walls, abandoned spaces and so on, along with field recordings from various places collected from original travels.

the idea refers to the reduction of the information provided in the travel feed photos and the specific field recordings. sound recordings, however, are not assigned to individual photos or locations (but they are taken during the same trips, illustrating a bit more of the atmosphere of the overall experience that cannot be described from a single photo – neither from a short recording).

this material – extracted from the original context – is then intentionally placed in a completely new unspecified environment where it exists as a kind of alienated floating bubbles-grains of the entire environments – as well as travel feed photos in people’s smartphones. the audience is thus exposed to a very unnatural situation where it experiences different environments at once – mediated through fragments of information, which, in their presence in the current space, form new contexts.

time and place where and when the installation is performed is usually announced through a real ‘online’ instagram feed, but the whole idea primarily counts on placement in a random space with a random audience.

the subsequent documentation of the locations where those installations were placed, then creates some sort of a meta-environment that is transformed back – as in the loop – into an ‘online’ @detachedplaces instagram account (meta-travel feed).

selection of ‘exhibitions’:

  • 25. 7. 2018,  an abandoned wall, Jalan Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 31. 7. 2018, an abandoned ruin of the house, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • 16. 8. 2018, an abandoned wall, Jl. Sultan Hasanudin, Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
  • 28. 9. 2018, abandoned walls, DOV Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 11. 10. 2018, an abandoned wall, Keizerstraat, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • 4. 3. 2019, a broken bus stop wall, North Hollywood Station, Los Angeles, USA
  • 15. 3. 2019, not entirely abandoned wall, Rue la Vieuville, Montmartre, Paris, France