audiovisual performances

(2019 – ongoing)

E-Vironments represent several individual ‘eco-awarness’ solo performances which are included in a series of projects called Imaginary ecosystems. Like every work in this series, these performances also have their serial numbers. The title E-Vironment also refers to the viral nature of certain environments.

Each E-Vironment explores a certain fragility of given environment which draws from different contexts – social, political, environmental … The core of the performance is a certain embodiment of the imaginary environment (mostly through the installation / sculpture) in which the performer intervenes. With these interventions, the environment not only transforms, but also creates a kind of dialogue, interactive reactions. The performance examines the internal processes of awareness of one’s responsibilities, impact and role within this given environment – whether it includes the ecology of data sharing and publishing, the ecology of human behavior towards natural resources or the ecology of relations between organisms. The main emphasis is placed on the process of ‘de/re(con)structure’* of the given environment and its transformation towards the creation of a new organic complex – the re-evaluated environment.

* ‘de/re(con)structure’ is a term that Žurková uses in her dissertation and artistic research, which refers to the material processing approach.


HABITAT 02200701: E-Vironment #2


material for sculpture: resin, soil, wires, infrared lamp, LED lights

for interaction: temperature sensor, GSR sensors

amplified for performance: contact mic, mic capsule

sound material: voice, electronics, live processing of acoustic sound, resonances 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz

Premiered: July 9, 2020; Symposium Trstenice 2020, Music Centre Haus Urban, Trstěnice, CZ


HABITAT 91200921 : E-Vironment #1

IMG_1250material for sculpture: clay, wires, acrylic and oil paint, plastic sheets (amplified for performance; contact mics, mic capsule)

sound material: voice, text, electronics, live processing of acoustic sound

Premiered: September 21, 2019;  Hyena Noise Fest, Stichting Centrum Villa K, The Hague, NL