„if” is not just a statement

project for a performer, voice, clarinet, double bass and live electronics

(2016) approx. 12 ’

„if” is not just a statement – „if” means endless possibilities

The project name refers to the “if statement” condition used in C programming, which executes a block of statements only if the given condition returns true. This is put into contrast with the second statement „if” means endless possibilities, which – as opposed to the first (strictly given) one – refers to a solution that would propose a childhood fantasy. The idea encounters the issue of individual decision-making in human interaction and social discourse. The whole piece basically becomes a kind of a strange fairy tale inspired by the child’s imagination about solving any kind of interpersonal relationship issues.

The piece is based on the written score. Working closely together with performers we tried to develop a kind of organic matter that should give the impression of a scene from another reality – reality that approaches to solving interpersonal relationships with an absolute frankness and openness, without prejudices and given constraints and with the original (and sometimes absolutely unexpected) solution.

Premiered by Eva Flores – performer, Kimberly Dunning – clarinet, Miller Wrenn – double bass, Darina Žurková – voice/electronics, 7. 10. 2016, Roy O. Disney Music Hall, CalArts, Los Angeles (US).

Example of „if” is not just a statement score (© darina žurková):

0001 (1)

0001 (2)