project for violin, voice, electronics and projection

(2014) 8 – 10’

music + electronics: Darina Žurková

camera: Adam Kencki

video: Darina Žurková, Adam Kencki

A performance for a violinist and his/her voice, live electronics and projection, provides a look into the feelings of a person searching for his existence in situations that engulf him. The performer is confronted with electronic sound – something from the outside – and he seeks his expression/attitude within this space. The composition uses mainly timbral positions of the violin and voice, mixing them with the sound of electronics.

The projection is intended to cover the entire wall, violinist stands in front of the wall – projection goes through the violinist. There are two lights from below in front by which the violinist casts shadows over the edges of the projection.  The project includes also a programmed patch in Pure Data for live electronics and several tapes (controlled and processed during the performance).

Premiered 2014, first performed by Ana Tedim (violin, voice) and Darina Žurková (electronics) in Teatro Helena Sá Costa, Porto (PT)

Recording: live rec. from concert SNH+, Brno 2015, CZ; violin: David Danel, live electronics: Darina Žurková