audiovisual performance hovering between performance, installation and concert

(2016) approx. 1 hour

Collaboration with Hana Mlnaříková

MISSED CHANNEL or Still Life with Fear, where to miss one channel means to make a connection with another one –the deeper one, which is much more frightening, more intimate, more familiar …

The idea of this audiovisual performance focuses on the aspect of fear as a phenomenon of the present time – a time of expansion and internal dependence on information and communication technologies. It explores the process of disengaging from certain information sources and realizing that the fear of received information may not lie in an external source, but in the human nature of the individual.

Composer-performer duo Darina Žurková and Hana Mlnaříková began working together in 2014. Since May 2015 they have performed under the name Mistchannel, which presents itself as an improvisational duo using electro-acoustic elements and interactive electronics. The first solo feature performance MISSED CHANNEL premiered in the fall of 2015 in Music Lab Brno and a revised version of the performance premiered in May 2016.

video from May 2016, Orlí Street Theatre, Brno (CZ)

photo by Vojtěch Kába

photo © Vojtěch Kába