the situation for a group(s) of 4 to 6 people in a large empty space


The situation (a kind of happening) is intended for an audience in public space – e.g. gallery, foyer of a concert hall, industrial space, abandoned space, basically any space where a group of at least 4 people meets. There is a videoscore for an audience with instructions.

The situation focuses on two main aspects – the perception of a movement of sound in space and the feeling of exposure (maybe kind of uncertainty, insecurity or fragility) within a public space. The individual (STILL POINT) is exposed to a situation where he receives comments, information or observations from a circle of people around (CIRCLING POINTS), which represents an anonymous environment of public/online social media space. The situation explores the aspect of trust within the anonymous group of people, where a person (STILL POINT) is confronted with someone’s ideas or comments without the possibility of an active reaction, and ‘commentators’ (CIRCLING POINTS) take into account their observations on the ‘object’ as their observations on the individual with his own feelings and fears, and take responsibility for their comments.

FRAGILE RELATIONS project draws attention to the fragility of acting and revealing oneself on social networks and in public space, where the responsibility for interpersonal behavior is transferred to the level of anonymous – dehumanized space.

First happening – April 2018, open space in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.